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How To Silk Screen Poly-Pro
Screen printing is a good, low cost way to add extra colors to POLY_PRO twill designs. This is sometimes done to make uniform plaques with sponsors’ names, low cost participation awards, and the like.

Of the three screening systems available, we recommend only catalytic 2-step producst by Naz-Dar or Colonial for use on polyester twill. These cure chemically with no heating, give true color and won’t come off. It’s important that the ink dries at least 3 hours, with overnight drying preferred.

“Paint systems” may be used successfully, but the inks take up to four days to dry on polyester. Plastisol inks are generally not recommended for polyester. All plastisols have to be heat-dried for 5 minutes, most of them at over 350°F. which will distort polyester fabrics. So unless you’re absolutely certain the plastisol ink can be dried at 300°F. or less, don’t use it.

Cutting Poly-Pro Twill
This is very important if you cut letters and designs. Polyester twill is so strong that it can be hard to cut unless the cutting is done with proper equipment. It can be cut easily with scissors, clicker dies or steel roller dies. But the cutting tools MUST BE SHARP. To sharpen dies, use a die sharpener which is hand held. (Note: We stock die sharpeners and sell them at our cost.)

Besides sharp dies, the mechanical clicker does require a hard cutting surface. We use _ in. thick sheets of stress-relieved polypropylene. (Hydraulic clicker dies don’t require an additional cutting surface.) With steel roller dies, insert 40# Kraft paper over the twill to assure a clean cut.